Misdirecting Education System Objectives

Thinking outside the sandbox . . . put down your pails and shovels.

Rational thinking has somehow taken leave of the entire education system, K-12 through Graduate School. The education system is provided through funding from taxpayers for the purpose of ensuring students acquire the requisite knowledge and experience to be succesful in their future careers. It is not the charge of the education system to indoctrinate students on perverted social issues.

Every facet of American life is under assult by educators who, themselves, can not quit playing with perverted information. It seems impossible to get a solid response on questions . . . what is a woman? The system is poluted with perverts . . . that is an observation!

International test outcomes rank U.S. students in the middle of the pack. Really, this indicates, on average U.S. teachers are ineffective. Yes, there are some good schools and graduates. However, on an international level the pack flunks. Too much focus on antisocial indoctrination. Maybe social mores have sunk the the gutter. Meanwhile, the barn door is open and it smells bad! Yes, that is an opinion!

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has come under increasing scrutiny the past few years because of its questionable trade practices and growing monopolies in technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and even professional sports. President Trump’s administration was particularly astute about the threat of CCP infiltration into all areas of American life, and it took decisive steps to address the issues with revised trade agreements and defense acts.

The propaganda in our education system has been largely ignored, however, and it is one of the most subversive avenues the Chinese use to conquer from within. (Eagle Forun)


Charging Competing Candidates

This is a sticky one! Keep in mind that this post is an observation and not an opinion. What's the difference? Occasionally, media information can be too much to be believed.

In the case of charges against President Trump, there appears to be gleeful piling-on which may be a result of joining the crowd. And the more complex an issue becomes, the more likelihood it will result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

Currently, there are 91 separate charges in some state of process. Those issues alone may create an unmanageable scenario. However, in the previous impeachment of President Trump there were no crimes committed.

When selecting an issue to be observed, it is important to identify possible causes and effects that create the issue.

Initial questions for a forward observation:

  • Who will benefit by the candidate's conviction of the supposed charges?
  • Is there foreign influence behind the courts to pursue the charges?
  • Are there international financial or political considerations at play?
  • Is this an attempt to preclude a successful election outcome?
  • Will a successful election outcome be undesirable to a foreign influencer?

These questions may appear inappropriate. However, remember this is now the subject of forward observation, and the questions may take on a different focus as the observation progresses.

Why is this posting listed in the APEX of Treason category? The media has presented observations that indicate there have been pay-to-play issues between members of the administration and congress that may include foreign influences.

Who Is Funding Terrorism

This is an active posting that will continue to be updated as research on this subject progresses.

As complicated as it may be, there appears to a money trail from the U.S. Adminstration, which eventually ends up in the hands of terrorist groups. If the inentions of past and current administrations were believed to be for support of in-need populations, misdirection may have been the result.

The question that remains, is how often, by whom, and what were the amounts, and the relationships between the U.S. constituents and the foreign entities.

Nuclear War – The Horizon

Weakness of the Biden administration is encouraging terrorist nations to challenge the United States with Nuclear Warfare.

China Issues Ominous War Warning to U.S. (msn.com)

China has reacted to a recent U.S. report weighing up the possibility of simultaneous wars against both Moscow and Beijing by warning Washington that “those who play with fire will perish by it.”

The U.S. is not ready to face the challenge of the growing nuclear threat posed by Russia and China. This is according to a 145-page report released by the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States on Thursday.

“It is an existential challenge for which the United States is ill-prepared, unless its leaders make decisions now,” the report states. The panel behind the report, led by a bipartisan panel of six Democrats and six Republicans, produced the document after a year of research into the topic.

In the report, the behavior of both Russia and China is described as “militarily troubling and increasingly aggressive,” something that in turn has increased “the risk of conflict with two nuclear peers.” China is expected to reach nuclear parity with the U.S. by the mid-2030s, according to the report.

Russia/China Diplomacy

Psychotic - The Twisted Tongue: While Russia has invaded the Ukraine, and China is threating to invade Taiwan, Putin makes the following statements.

"China, Russia ties are aimed at global good" while slamming the West for making an enemy out of everyone.

US-led Western alliance's always force others to accept their ‘norms and rules’, Russian president tells Valdai think tank’s annual forum in Sochi.

Russia-China ties ‘very important’ for global stability, Vladimir Putin says ahead of planned visit to Beijing and meeting with China’s Xi Jinping.

“They are trying to create the image of an enemy out of everyone who is not ready to blindly follow these Western elites”, with Russia and China often pointed out as targets, Putin told the Valdai International Discussion Club’s annual forum, hosted by the Moscow-based think tank in the Black Sea resort town this year.

“The West always needs an enemy … the fight against which can explain the need for forceful action and expansion.”

Comment: Following this logic, the terror visited on attendees to the festival in Israel by Hamas would be interpreted as a peace gesture for regional stability!